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TELLING “THE SECRET” TO KANSAS CITYLocal entrepreneur Ty Whitaker brings the Science of Getting Rich Club to KansaCity as well as the secret behind the popular movie “The Secret”. 

Ty Whitaker has a lofty, but definite and clearly written goal:

“I am so happy and grateful now that I am taking continuous personal action to promote wealth throughout the world. Each day I commit to performing five actions towards my goal of creating a wealthy and abundant life.”

Goal setting is essential to Ty’s success. The Science of Getting Rich Club outlines a specific method for stating goals. For achieving them, he depends largely upon the law of attraction as described in the movie “The Secret”.

“I found that if I set a goal, even if I don’t know how I’m going to accomplish it, the setting of the goal raises my awareness to notice ideas, people and situations that help me to achieve it. Bob always says that if you know how you’re going to achieve a goal than its not big enough. As I become a stronger leader and act based on what I want, I always attract the people I need to achieve my goals.”

When Ty mentions Bob he is referring to Bob Proctor, who has been a personal growth teacher and mentor for over 39 years. He quickly became one of the most popular teachers in Rhonda Byrne’s movie “The Secret”.                                                     

“I was looking for a mentor and someone to emulate. When I saw “The Secret”, for some reason Bob stuck out to me. I knew right away that I wanted to work with him; my heart was immediately set on it. I am now business partners with Bob. I thought about it and took action to make it happen.”


This path started for Ty by reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill after a friend gave it to him in 2002. He read it but didn’t internalize it. Knowing what needed to be done but lacking personal action, he became frustrated.

“Taking continuous and persistent personal action is what Bob helped me to do and gave me an example of. He studied under Earl Nightingale, who studied under Napoleon Hill, who was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to write the book “Think and Grow Rich”. I really see Bob as a living legend, I and a lot of other people have had our lives affected by the knowledge in that book. We are all so blessed to have him. I feel grateful that he is sharing his deep understanding of life with us.”

The film “The Secret” was inspired by the book “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles. Like Bob Proctor, Ty did not get exposed to “The Science of Getting Rich” until after being exposed to “Think and Grow Rich.”


The book seems to be getting better known now, but up until “The Secret” came out it was pretty much overlooked. It’s a little book with some big ideas. I didn’t know anything about the book until I saw “The Secret”. It is now something I study everyday and I study with Bob. It has been a great avenue for me to learn about myself and create a way that I can serve others in a big way.”

The Science of Getting Rich Club is committed to building a community of like-minded individuals by holding Weekly ACTION Meetings called WAM meetings. The meetings are geared towards action. The Science of Getting Rich Club is dedicated to creating prosperity by fostering new personal paradigms and creating multiple sources of income.

“We believe the way to end poverty is to teach people how to earn money. I know when I went to college I expected to learn how to earn money there but they don’t teach how to earn money in college.”

Weekly ACTION Meetings are free to the public. Anyone who wants to come can come. It is a great place to network before and after the meeting. People who are interested in joining the Science of Getting Rich Club are encouraged to join in on a weekly coaching call with Bob Proctor and attend a webinar hosted by one of Bob’s certified city leaders. The full membership to the Science of Getting Rich Club is $1,995. It includes a home study course featuring Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Reverend Michael Beckwith from the movie “The Secret”. It also includes a ticket to a 3 day symposium which most attendants describe as a life changing event. Club members also receive special access and benefits from the membership. The Science of Getting Rich Club also offers a unique  opportunity to make a multiple source of income by sharing the club with others. Compared to Bob Proctor’s cheapest mentorship program which is a 13 month program which a high percentage of his clients take again because of the value the price of $6,995, $1,995 for a take home course seems rather low.

“I really think that Bob is emulating his mentors in doing this program. He wants to get this information in as many minds as possible and so do I. I have purchased many seminars and personal growth programs and books. The Science of Getting Rich Club has it all; it is a complete program with a spiritual base, practical applications and it is oriented towards action and taking on leadership. The problem most people have with applying the law of attraction to their life is personal action. This program drives the point of action to the front and focuses on it. I think this program is priceless. What people ultimately learn in the program is “It’s not about the Money” which happens to be the title of Bob’s new book. What it is about is growth and fulfillment and spiritual unfolding. This club is an extraordinary concept.”

Ty is a graduate of the University of Kansas in 2001 and graduated from Bonner Springs High School in 1996. He has a website called where you can find more information on the SGR Club Weekly ACTION Meetings.



2 Responses to “Me in the news!!”

  1. thomrutledge Says:

    In the spirit of open-minded discussion, I ask that anyone interested in Rhonda Byrne’s dvd/book project, The Secret, consider another perspective: With this web site I am clearly registering my objections and concerns about The Secret, but I have done so with the intent to be fair in my critique. Whether you believe in the absolute power of “the law of attraction,” or are a skeptic, I hope you will take a look. Thank you. Thom Rutledge /

  2. affirmativerealitycom Says:

    “The Answer” by Bad Religion

    Long ago in a dusty village,
    Full of hunger, pain and strife,
    A man came forth with a vision of truth,
    And the way to a better life,
    He was convinced he had the answer,
    And he compelled people to follow along,
    But the hunger never vanished,
    And the man was banished,
    And the village dried up and died,

    At a time when wise men peered,
    Through brass tubes toward the sky,
    The heavens changed in predictable ways,
    And one man was able to find,
    That he had thought he found the answer,
    And he was quick to write his revelation,
    But as they were scrutinized
    In his colleagues eyes,
    He soon became a mockery,

    Dont tell me about the answer,
    cause then another one will come along soon,
    I dont believe you have the answer,
    Ive got ideas too,
    But if youve got enough naivite,
    And youve got conviction,
    Then the answer is perfect for you

    An urban sprawl sits choking on its discharge,
    Overwhelmed by industry,
    Inclined toward charity,
    Everyones begging for an answer,
    Without regard validity,
    The searching never ends,
    It goes on and on and on for eternity

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