Purpose, Vision, Goals By Bob Proctor

Purpose, Vision, Goals by Bob Proctor            -Purpose Leads to Vision, Vision Leads to The Goal  A short blog about Bob Proctors essay Purpose, Vision, Goals based on excerpts from page for the section titled Purpose Leads to Vision, Vision Leads to The Goal  You see it right here. “Vision is what you do with your life.” Bob Proctor I love to write. That is all I really want to do pretty much every second of everyday. I have a lot to communicate and only a temporary body to do it with. I see my writing inspiring people far beyond my life and far beyond what I can even imagine. I see my life as a life of service, God uses me sometimes in ways I am not even aware of; I see my life as a life that can be used to serve. I know because of the wisdom of my mentors and my guru that the way to serve is to engage in my passion until it dominates my life in every area.  “Vision is the strategy behind the fulfillment of your purpose.” Bob Proctor My purpose is to express my gifts to the world. My gifts are ideas, I express them by writing, speaking and artistically communicating them to a world that is awakening and hungry for them.  My strategy is to create multiple sources of income so that I can concentrate on delivering my gifts to the world and not my financial needs. My financial needs are taken care of so I can foster new personal paradigms, expand and give increase to everyone I come into contact with. The more I focus on what I can so with my gifts and serve my business partners my success will become effortless and ensured. If I continue to inspire people my money goals will soon be at a number I would have never thought of. I see myself in the company of people making this kind of money naturally I will be to before I know it. “You accomplish this strategy by creating several short-term goals to keep you on course.” Bob Proctor In regards to Diamond Tree: I will start with the goal of $3000 per month in a year’s time. I envision myself attracting solid leaders who can help me in all aspects of life. My focus in building my businesses is attracting leaders. I am setting goals and doing actions in my present environment that contribute to people in my present environment on a continuous and persistent basis. Therefore, I am leading and becoming a better leader and expanding my influence each day.  My vision statement is a statement that is short and sweet and gives me a visual of the life that is waiting for me.  This is my vision statement:  I create an income that allows me to work my Diamond Tree business more and write full time by attracting magnetic leaders by cultivating the qualities of a magnetic leader myself. I am able to use the money I make from Diamond Tree to reinvest in Diamond Tree and further opportunities while always at the same time moving towards my purpose and setting new goals.


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