Mind Stretch

What pisses you off about other people are things you haven’t embraced about yourself.

When I come across people who unconsciously act out thought patterns of a destructive nature it really doesn’t seem to piss me off anymore. I am now actually amused at any part of this universe that would choose to pinch itself off from its own source of well-being.

A rusty mind is a destructive mind. I like to see what I can do in a day and stretch my mental muscles. Something that I learned from Reverend Michael Beckwith is to believe 6 impossible things before you eat breakfast.

The mind is indeed a faculty which requires the exercise of faith, peace and calmness. In order to achieve a calm state of mind one must become enlightened. Most people have no control over themselves. They react to stimulus rather than think about it and respond to it. Most people are dominated by the thought patterns placed in their minds by their parents, school teachers, clergy, childhood bullies, television and the idiots they hang out with.

The idea is for the mind to be dominated by ideas that you want to focus on so that you will attract more circumstances that you want to support those ideas. We also want to see even beyond what we want this throws us in the direction towards our goal.

We must believe in the impossible. For example, if it’s a girlfriend you want instead believe not only that you will find a girlfriend today but that “love will awaken in your heart, you will feel the presence of God in every cell of your body and see God in every particle of creation. You will feel unconditional love in every wave of your being”. Get to the essence of the desire and feel the essence of it within you.

So here is my list:

  1. Today I am calm and serene, divine intelligence easily flows through me and ideas come thought me quickly into creation. My work leads to an event that will serve beyond what I know and will come back to me in good beyond what I have ever experienced.
  2. Today I see my home, my love, my work, and my body as they really are, my actions are in alignment with my environment. My apprieiction for my current conditions magnetizes my future conditions when I get a glimpse of the future in my mind I am overwhelmed with gratitude.
  3. Today I awaken to an unfolding of my self and revel qualities of my self I have not yet encountered or was aware of having.
  4. Today I become a physical system of free circulation. Energy moves through my body freely. I am free. I am in perfect health and have an abundance of energy and vitality.
  5. Today in all things is see the perfection of God, I see God equally in all things.
  6. Today I experience wonderful miracles. I meet people places and things that lead to my advancement.

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