I feel something coming on

Look guys…I don’t know what is coming… it is very strong. The SGR Club is going impact the world so much. This whole concept is going to change people’s lives, the country and the world. It is about time we begin to really be grateful and appreciate the unlimited opportunity we have been placed in. I really think that we are in such good we just can’t believe it at first. We are truly blessed just to be able to communicate this information to each other. Think of all the space-time events that had to take place to bring us here together at this moment in time right now while you’re reading this. Pretty cool aye. 

 I’m going to get in a wreck for being so grateful. Gratitude can be very dangerous while driving. I remember the first time I learned this… I was driving down the road just doing my thing and all of a sudden I realized that I was just driving along unconsciously thinking about what I want: my home, love, work, body vision. I was overcome with gratitude in knowing that I successfully planted a thought pattern in my subconscious mind… I was gushing with tears. It was a divine encounter and I know it because I didn’t wreak my truck. Looking back now my driving was totally on auto-pilot.  I wonder why I break through so many paradigms while driving because that wasn’t the only time.

What are my readers grateful for?


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