Just for fun

My present environment including my thoughts and my body are not my thoughts, it is my past thoughts which are in the past. The environment I desire is my thoughts and they are in the present moment. Now.

My present results in life are a result of my mind’s past environment which it is familiar with and which it is comfortable with and would like to stay in. I demand that my mind expand so that I can experience more, do more and be more. I now realize this and I re realize it every moment. Now I make myself more aware by actively pursing the construction of new thought patterns with my mind. I also with this new awareness begin the path of discovering the wounds that caused my mind to be dominated by destructive thought patterns. As I make these discoveries my awareness is further expanded. Influence is increased. Obstacles are lifted. The world plays with me. The result is that the productivity of new thought patterns dramatically becomes very rapid. Things I thought I knew become internalized. I become aware of why what I knew was true wasn’t working. Then I forgave myself for it. There is an absolute difference in my behavior. The difference in behavior is the goal of wisdom. I am an example of reaching that goal. When others meet me and they haven’t had that change in behavior they often scoff at me. There are people who I scoff at still. I am perfect that’s why I am in the shoes of one who isn’t. Because I am love I am healing someone who is far from perfect. I feel all pain but I can transform pain into anger. Anger leads to wisdom, always. It may be a long path or a short path. When I feel anger I become curious. I ask myself, “why am I really angry”. Sometimes I’m angry because someone is trying to take away my freedom. Its true there are people trying to take away my freedom. The way I know for sure I can defeat them and maintain my freedom is to be free. No matter what my circumstances are I think completely independent of them. I love them, I accept them. I also know like all other things they will pass and my next circumstances will be a reflection of the quality of my mind right now.  Anger and bliss are really one in the same.Right now I am awake and aware. No matter what happens I interpret it as the becoming somehow of my thoughts coming into being. Since I interpret my environment this way everything is good for me. Since everything is good for me there is a huge volume of thoughts focused at good and the good becomes dominate. I think that it is this rapid shift of thought that generates power that inspires and is backed by Real Power.

What do you think?


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