My Sunday

My Sunday



I am so happy and grateful now that I can acquire anything I need to expand, advance and increase life.

Today I start my day again with a clearly defined goal.

My goal today is to acquire and extra SGR Club briefcase and two SGR Club banners for my WAM meeting on 02/21/08. In order to achieve this goal I must make a deal with someone I know or don’t know to get the money to achieve this goal.

I will talk to people and tell them the truth of what I need and what I need it for. Before I take this action I will contact God. I will clear my mind and make absolute certain that I contact God. When I take action after contacting God, achieving a clear mind and becoming calm behind my actions with be God’s power.


I read the above statement out loud after I wrote it. I took a bath. I went to mediation. Right before meditation I read the statement again. Then I read it once more when I got home.

At 12:17 my dad called me which doesn’t happen to often. I did decide during meditation that I was going to go to him first. I was a little surprised how quick he called me after my thought. He heard that I was selling some diets and was going to offer to buy some from me. I just took it as my opportunity to ask him for all the money I needed. So I did. I showed him the briefcase. He wasn’t excited at all, but he gave me the money. I don’t love him for his opinion anyway. I think it made him feel a sense of purpose. Plus of course I’m going to pay his cheap ass back as soon as possible. I actually like to buy him a little house in a small town. If anyone has a house like that let me know. Anyway, it was actually a break through for me with him. I didn’t allow his unconsciousness to draw me into unconsciousness.  


So I transferred money to my bank account to pay for the SGR Club briefcase I need and my two free banners. I emailed the SGR customer service and notified them I can do it.  I need to book a hotel now. I need a hotel with round tables for a hundred people. If anyone has any suggestions or advice on this let me know.


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